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Marketing Tips: Installment #2

Let's Talk About Websites

by Elaine Littau

As an author, whether you are self-published, published by a large or small publisher, or have a lot of money at your disposal for marketing; you need a website. In the first installment the need for a website was approached. This time I would like to break down the elements that I have found important in a website.

First, you need to think about the style and feeling you want to evoke in your website. My books, for the most part, are Christian Western Fiction. You will find a stack of old books on the top left hand side, browntones and old fashioned fonts.

Resist the urge to add a flash page as your beginning page. I opted for that design a couple of times. In the report that breaks down which pages readers are visiting, everytime I had the flash opening, it was the page that was opened and also closed. That meant that the only thing that was seen of my website was the title. If you don't understand what a flashpage is. It is like a pop up that flashes the name of the website. The reader has to hit the close button to turn it off. The report showed me that it was annoying and not the cute and interesting thing I wanted it to be.

Resist the urge to add music to your site. I know that a lot of people will tell you that you have to have music. Think about it. We all have differing tastes in music. If it is a style a reader doesn't like, they will exit quickly. Don't think that elevator music or calming music will work. It is best to not have any music.

The website address is also important. Mine is Using your author name helps people find your website. Unless you are only going to write one book, don't use your book title for your website. would severely limit who would find me in search engines because I have written 6 other books since Nan's Journey.

Your opening page is very important. A lot of people will not go to a second page so this page has to have the most important elements:

  • Your photo
  • A statement about you as a writer. I wrote something like, "Welcome, my major focus as an author is writing interesting books that are unpredictable and inspiring." I also mention that I love to speak publically, I am a marketing coach, and ask for those who would like to contact me personally to click on the link to my email. ( Your statement will be different than mine.
  • I like to have my latest book trailer soon after my author statement. A great place to get a really good book trailer package done is with Apex Reviews. They produce a great trailer, do reviews of your book on several sites like and facebook, Youtube and other places. They also do a press release and give you a copy. They give you the file to download to your blogs and website as well as your personal Youtube page and facebook pages. I did my last one on a special sale that was less than $50.
  • Tell the visitor what it is you want them to do. I wrote:

Buy my book

Buy my book

Buy my book

Buy my book

I then place a paypal shopping cart with my book covers and prices listed directly under the appeal.

  • Also¬† have a place where they can automatically sign up for your newsletter.
  • You will want your shopping cart on the opening page as well as several of your other pages or tabs.
  • You will want to list your free offers and tell them to look them over on the tab marked 'free stuff'.
  • You will want a list of links to: How to purchase your books on,, and others. (Click on them and be sure that they work.)
  • You will want to add your links to your blog(s)

You will want other pages. Some of them will be:

  • Author bio
  • A tab for each book. This should contain the cover and book description as well as the paypal shopping cart for all books and products.
  • An Events tab listing where you will be doing book events and signings in the future. Keep this updated and add maps if you have that option.
  • A Tab that says "Book Me for an Event". In this tab have a link to your email and options for times and dates. Vista print has a form that they offer that fills in times and dates. I have 1st choice, 2nd choice, and 3rd choice.
  • Home school lesson plans and School discussion questions for each book
  • Book Club discussion questions for each book
  • Character studies for each book
  • photo slide show
  • Video and book trailers
  • blog posts
  • Book development process
  • Questions and remarks from visitors.
  • Other pages you can have are -cartoons about books, between the book chapters, the sky is the limit.

Be sure to keep your website current. Offer a good sale periodically. Let the visitors engage with you.