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Wellington Watts

The Cosmic Connection: Beyond the Brain

Utilize faith to connect to God, lose yourself in God, and gain a sense of living in God…

How can you use God’s point of view to understand biblical context? How has God imparted knowledge from a source beyond the brain to accomplish his purposes? How can the brain be “reprogrammed” to harmonize mind and spirit? How can you use new “parables” to communicate “old” truths?

These are the intriguing questions that have been on the mind of Wellington Watts. Now, in his book Cosmic Connection, Watts outlines the answers to these quandaries and incites readers to find a unique understanding of God and what he wants out of human beings. Using solid biblical references, innovative philosophies, and covering a myriad of what are often confusing and cumbersome issues faced on a daily basis by Christian intellectuals, Watts will inspire both spiritually and psychologically as he challenges everyone to find his or her own Cosmic Connection and become more effective in everyday life.


Wellington Watts grew up in a pastor's home. After graduating from high school, he received his bachelor's degree from Eastern Pilgrim College/United Wesleyan College. He is a certified public school teacher. His thirty-three years in education include twelve years as a public school teacher, thirteen years as a private Christian high school principal, five years as a private Christian school elementary school teacher, and three years as a private Christian school elementary and middle school principal.

He is a church worship team leader, composes and arranges music, and has directed church and community choirs. His book, “The Cosmic Connection: Beyond the Brain,” is an outgrowth of his combined life experiences.

He is married to Nancy Worrell Watts, a successful teacher, and has one son, Wellington E. Watts, III, owner of Alexandria Colonial Tours in Alexandria, Virginia.

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