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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We at Christian Story Teller know that there are thousands of scams out here that have taken the heart and soul of many a good Christian author. Be assured that we DO NOT hitch our wagon to just anyone. We at CST WILL NOT give our approval to just anyone. When we state that they're a PREFERRED VENDER we mean it.

We believe in the authors, businesses and organizations that we feature on our Web site.

We at CST stand behind our picks for "Best Awards of the Year". The award winners are CST and we are a family of authors and we take care of our own.

There are lots of good publishers out there and we love hearing from those authors informing us about their personal relationships with their publishing company. We will NOT publish negative comments or provide a posting board for those who have had a bad experience with their publisher, agent or with the neighbor's dog. There are three sides in every dispute. Yours, theirs and God's. Go on with your dreams. Don't dwell on the bad, look for the good in the bad and learn to go on.

We do not subscribe to self appointed “defenders of the realm”. Those who think that they are the only authority for getting your book published or that they know ALL the scams and scammers out there. Some of those web-sites claim to be a professional author help sites but they're in fact just wolves in sheep's clothing.

We don't need people who think that they're needed to defend and protect all authors from others who would prey on them. Most of the negative web sites out there are just anonymous cyber bullies because they don't have to prove their facts.

Research indicates that the bloggers / owners / web masters who are involved do not have Good Christian Family Values and that they target the publishers and authors who do meet these standards.  They do more harm then good. It is too easy to waste time, valuable writing & marketing time in responding to these types of people. We have someone who is there for us and He doesn't need help or a Web site to do so. Amen.

We DO NOT want to be remotely connected to these negative individuals, or their witch hunts and Web sites.

We are a network of authors for authors. We are willing to help, support and share our experiences.  We are not willing to waste our precious time with sour negative "wannabes". 

We are in this for the Glory of God. He will guide us and protect us.

For those other authors out there, we are here supporting them.... We are here to network with them. Providing them with other author's experiences and to provide a valuable source of information to help them succeed.  There are other reliable trustful publishers, agents and agencies  out there.  Share with us at Christian Story Teller your personal journey into publishing. We welcome our all of our authors, Xulon, Authorhouse, PublishAmerica and others. Please look at their wonderful books and buy from them.

In God's Grace,

The staff at Christian Story Teller.

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