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Gloria D' Alessandro, Up and coming Queen of murder mysteries

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This is one of a series by Gloria

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  • Do the research, talk to real published authors from the company you're looking at.
  • DON'T fall victim to blogs and web-sites that use screen names and blog things that can't be verified.
  • You want a blog/web site that states facts, only the facts. If  they state an opinon, they should state so and use their real names. It's too easy to become a cyber bully when you don't reveal your name.
  • Check if the site has a christian / family value.
  • A professional site refrains from obvious negative character assassinations, (other bloggers voicing different views).
  • It's one thing to expose a bad business practice, but when you add to the "alleged facts" your personal opinion that comes from other statements on other blogs sites. It become hard to figure out who's bad and who's lying.
  • Ask the web-site for their proof, not just statements from other bloggers. Remember, proof is NOT an opinion, it's a fact.
  • BE ABLE to prove what you say. Your honor depends on it.
  • Think about your web presence, is it professional enough to get buyers to come?