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Al Proo

God's Timing: Are Your Hands Tied?

Why did God, Who is without a beginning and without an end, place mankind into an environment that does have a beginning and an end? We call that environment, time. The author of God’s Timing: Are Your Hands Tied? has dealt with this question for many years as he struggled with delayed or unanswered prayers.

In the ministry Al founded, Happy Hands, a Christian school for deaf children, he discovered some Truth's about God’s time and God’s timing and how critical to the knowledge that abundant life the writers in the bible describe.

We’ve heard it said God is never late. Many Christians have even said God is never early in fulfilling His promise. The author brings a new revelation rarely taught in the church about God’s view of time and the importance God places on knowing about His timing. The why and how of God’s time is explained in his book God’s Timing: Are Your Hands Tied?

Well? Are your hands tied? We’ve heard it said many times about answers to prayer, that if it happens, it happens and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. With a lackadaisical attitude many shrug their shoulders saying, I guess it wasn’t meant to be and I can’t do anything about it. The author says there is more to this dilemma than we realize and in his book he expounds on what he has learned from the experiences in his life and in starting his ministry.

The question for you remains, Are your hands tied? Can you affect God’s Timing in your life?

Contact the Author Al Proo:

Phone: Office - 918-665-1200 and home - 918-697-8957

E-mail: or

Employment: Executive Director for Happy Hands, a Christian School for children with a hearing loss and other communcative disorders - 5717 East 32nd Street, Tulsa, OK 74135.  Website:

This book is a revenue generating source for Happy Hands. Though Al is the author, he will not receive any of the proceeds from the sale of his book.

About the Author:

Author Al Proo is the founder and CEO of Happy Hands Education Center for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and other children with communicative disorders. He is a busy executive working hard to raise awareness of issues dealing with literacy in deaf children and fundraising to support his Christian school. Al and his wife, Judy, attend Grace Church (formally Grace Fellowship) in Tulsa Oklahoma. They are one of the leaders their Sunday school class. They are members of a ministry in their church called “Grace-Ability” which serves people with various disabilities. Al and Judy specifically serve as interpreters for the deaf.

The author is a retired Tulsa Police Officer who was called into fulltime ministry as a pastor to a church for the deaf. It was from this point in Al’s life that the Lord brought him to start the school for deaf children.

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