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Anna Zernicknow

A Light the Shadow by Anna Zernickow, Based on a true story

A touching tribute to the author's father, Raymond Mitchell. As cancer advanced, this wise and spiritual man, shared his visions, humor and love of God until the very end of his life. He was the perfect illustration of how to live "above the circumstances." He knew that life is full of unplanned detours, less-than-desirable situations, even downright failures; yet faith lifts the sprit and provides divine peace, comfort and unrelenting joy. Anna Zernickow relates how this godly father, even during his darkest days, was concerned about others and their relationships with God, he had sightings of heaven and gladly reported the good news of how immense, beautiful and comforting it was. God flanked Raymond Mitchell with a faithful, loving family. This heart-warming book will make you appreciate the loving community of hearts that laugh with us and cry with us and as this familly did -- accompany us along the journey as far as they can go, then pray us on to forever!

Anna Zernickow is a veteran teacher who earned her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Kansas State University. Anna lives near Abilene, Kansas and enjoys gardening, spending time with family and friends, and most mediums of art. Becoming an author is a lifelong dream for Anna, and she wanted to share the story of her Dad in hopes that his courage during difficult days would inspire and challenge others to persevere to the end.

Anna Zernickow
1524 Oat Rd.
Chapman, KS 67431
(785) 280-0994

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