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Bruce HamsherBouquets: Intentional Relationships in Making Disciples

Bruce Hamsher puts everyday evangelism and daily discipleship into easily readable and understandable terms. By choosing to develop intentional relationships with those outside our personal circles, we can bring people to Christ and help turn lost souls into believers. By patiently cultivating relationships in the world around us, we can live out the scriptural call to be 'the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved" (2 Corinthians 2:15). Includes a study/ discussion guide.

"In a practical, sound, and biblically-based manner, Bruce has captured the essence of what it means to 'be the aroma' of God to those around us. Bruce offers clear, concise guidance on developing purposeful relationships. As you learn the importance of being honest, real, and available in ou relationships, you will be overwhelmed by the flow of blessing that will result. You friendships will never be the same."

- Stephen R. Wingfield, Steve Wingfield Evangelistic Association

Bruce Hamsher is a pastor at Berlin (Ohio) Mennonite Church and a certified pastoral counselor. He holds a ministry degree from the Masters International School of Divinity. Mentoring and discipleship have been an important part of his pastoral ministry.


"Bouquets is a beautiful biblical metaphor made contemporary. Daily relationships are the aroma people sense in every encounter. Is the armoma surrounding Christians that of the presence of God?"

-August H. Konkel, Providence College and Seminary

"Everyone needs to read this book! Bruce Hamsher's passion for God's Word, coupled with an ability to make it real through engaging storytelling, encourages all of us to live out our calling as 'Certified Spiritual Florists'".

-Lisa Troyer, Moody Broadcasting Network

"Bouquets provides a beginning point for us to assess our friendships in the opportunities we have to be God-incarnate. Hamsher calls us to be accountable while encouraging us to deepen our relationships to include faith in Jesus in our conversations."

-Henry Beun, Central Christian School

"This theologically sound and relevant resource is a welcome ministry tool for those who are about the task of discipling believers into a deeper relationship with Christ. I intend to recommend it highly to my ministry students."

-Randy Keeler, Bluffton University

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