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Touched by God, a Witness of Great Faith and Courage

A story of unconditional love and a strong faith overcoming a lifetime of illness, lessons of marriage and unconditional love, tips for a relationship with one chronically ill partner, hints for every relationship that wants to understand all that faith and love can be,  lessons for the significant other or spousal relationship of the chronically ill, lessons of faith and love for the chronically ill in a marriage relationship.

If your marriage or relationship needs improvement or if your illness has you depressed, then "Learning from Jane" contains lessons and examples of faith and love that may help you. This book is the story of triumphant living in spite of overwhelming life-long illness and of two people devoted to each other through good times and through times of extreme sickness and medical procedures. This is a true story of unconditional love of each for the other and has been written to explain the lessons of life that were learned in the hope that they will be meaningful to others. It was not designed for the reader who desires a simple book with a “feel good” happy ending. Although it is biographical, that is not its true purpose. It is the story of faithful love growing progressively stronger and deeper every year, and of a couple who, in spite of overwhelming illness, lived to enjoy the beauty of life, the triumph of a great love, and a relationship that crosses the chasm of the grave. Jane demonstrated that life is a wonderful gift to be enjoyed and valued for as long as possible. Moreover, it is the story of the touch of God on the lives of two people who were committed to the Christian faith and who shared a firm belief in God. This is a real life story of how God provides guidance for us, of His continuing miracles in our lives, of the beauty of His creation, and of the love that He permits us to share. Many have commented on how much they have learned and were inspired by this book, and of how they have referred to it several times. It will be difficult to put aside. If your heart needs an infusion of hope, it awaits you in the pages of this special book about a very special human being and her relationship. Readers will be inspired and challenged after reading Learning from Jane.

Calvin L. Keeler, Sr. is retired and currently divides his time between writing and being a lay minister for his church, visiting those who are seriously or terminally ill at home and in the hospital. Calvin received his MA Degree in Mathematics from Harvard University in 1953 and then spent two years in a divinity school.  His career was as a professional mathematician who spent fifteen years, working with top scientists to discover the science of missile and spacecraft reentry. Afterward, Calvin spent twenty-seven years in information processing systems, mostly as a manager, and finishing as a senior vice president in a mutual fund company. His life-long avocation has always been theology and church work. Following his retirement in 1997, he managed the care of his wife at home and was exceptionally involved during hospitalizations. The natural result of these efforts was to write his current book, Learning From Jane, describing all of these experiences.

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