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Carol BrownVoted Best Christian Spirituality 2007

The Obedience Factor will bring many into the awareness that obedience is not an option but a must for our protection, peace and power in these last days. Bill Yount/Author; Blowing The Shofar Ministries, Hagerstown, MD

The Obedience Factor is a must read for those who are pursuing obedience, want to know the purpose of obedience, God's commands for obedience and the rewards and benefits of obedience. You cannot write a book of this caliber unless you have first practiced and experienced it. Pensacola H. Jefferson, Nazareth Ministries, Colton's Point, MD

When everything around us is changing constantly, there is one unchangeable, beautiful thing - God's Word. If we listen to that Word and commit to obey it urgings, life can take on new purpose and deep spiritual satisfaction can be gained. The Obedience Factor is a conversational teaching book which presents examples of the author's journey toward learning the benefits of swift obedience to the Lord. It is the author's earnest hope that after reading this book, people will listen more closely to and become increasingly more at ease with the voice of the Holy Spirit and promptly obey Him.

About the Author:

Carol Brown has been involved in local church activities in various capacities of ministry. She and her husband were deacons in their former church and served in the church's community outreach program, "Food For A Friend." She was also a member of the church's Adult Sunday School teaching team. At her current church, she is a member of the worship team while she continues to be involved in online Christian ministry which she has been doing for the last seven years now.

Other ministry involvement includes Aglow International. Carol served as a local chapter President in Solomons, MD, for a little over three years.

Personal info: Carol Brown

29886 Therese Circle

Mechanicsville, MD 20659


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