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Lana Davis

The Tale of Micah Mouse
L. Mitchell Davis

About the Book

As a grandfather of five, I know the value of a good story; as a pastor I appreciate, even more, a story with good values.  You will discover that Mouse Adventures: The Tale of Micah Mouse has both.
This value-rich mouse adventure will engage your children’s attention while reinforcing family, courtesy, kindness, patience, courage, faith, hope and love, just to name a few.
You will be entertained by both story and beautiful illustration.  Thank you, Lana, for a mouse book with real substance.
Dr. Gary C. Harrell
Teaching Pastor,
Fellowship Bible Church NWA
While They Are Sleeping
Family Life Today

About the Author and Illustrator

Mouse Adventures was inspired by real field mice that happened to move into the author’s home in the fall of 2003. Seeking refuge from the coming cold weather in a storage closet, the mice went undetected for quite a while. (Although, Captain was probably aware of their presence long before the humans in the house!) The only traps that worked very well were the “sticky boards” and Ms. Davis trapped and released many mice babies as well as two pairs of adults.

Ms. Davis has a degree in Art from the University of Arkansas and is a writer for a local regional newspaper. She also works as a graphic artist, designing covers and pages as well as putting together tabs and taking pictures for her articles. She has drawn and painted in watercolors since she was eight and painted her first dog portrait of her cocker spaniel, Taffy.

Ms. Davis is the mother of two grown sons and has one granddaughter. She has been involved in leading, hosting and teaching Bible studies for women as well as children and has spoken at several local women’s events. She resides in northwest Arkansas where she lives with her seven pound poodle, Captain; her schnauzer, Hero; and her mouse model, Micah.

What’s a mouse to do? When you’re afraid and all alone, should you brave the dark and try to find your missing family? Micah is in a quandary. Should he ignore his father’s stern orders and search for them? His rumbling tummy is pushing the decision...

Lana Mitchell Davis’ new book, Mouse Adventures: The Tale of Micah Mouse teaches self-discovery and the necessity of relying on God in trying situations. Through mishaps and adventures, Micah discovers that he can do more than he ever thought possible, but only through the help of God and others, beginning a spiritual journey that will be carried into later books in the Mouse Adventures series. 

"There are some people that you can tell right when you meet them that they have found their passion in life; and writing children's books  is the passion of Lana Davis.  I'm so glad that her first book is now available to encourage and entertain children and to engage parents in a dialogue with their children about faith."

Melody Miller
101.1, KLRC Program Director

"Lana Davis is an accomplished artist.  But she also communicates well in this illustrated story.  She has written a delightful tale for children."   

Richard L. Niswonger, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus at John Brown University
Author, New Testament History by Zondervan

"Lana has a heart for the Lord, for children and a way of telling a story with a gospel message."
Anita Renfroe
Comedian and Author, If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother

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